Villa Alta

I am currently working with Emory University’s Digital Humanities Center to produce the first series of maps in this project: “Power of Attorney, Villa Alta, 1700-1821.” The first step in the process was to compile and organized the letters of attorney, cull relevant information, experiment with data categories, and enter and standardize the data in Excel. Next, we needed to transform the EXCEL data into a relational database, which included unique identifiers for people, places, and each letter of attorney, as well as coordinates for all of the relevant communities.

Exploring Villa Alta with CARTO

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Exploring Villa Alta with Gephi


Download the Gephi Files: 1700 -1740  1740-1780  1780-1800  | Download Gephi

Exploring Villa Alta with Google Earth


Download the KMZs: 1700 -1740  1740-1780  1780-1800 | Download Google Earth

Exploring Villa Alta with PDF Maps

Download the PDFs: 1700 -1740  1740-1780  1780-1800 | Download Adobe Acrobat



Download the PDFs: 1700 -1740  1740-1780  1780-1800 | Download Adobe Acrobat

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